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Monthly Gatherings


What are Monthly Gatherings?


One of the best ways to stay connected with your Emmaus community is to attend a Gathering. Whenever possible, Gatherings are generally held on the third Thursday of every month at Trinity UMC in Chillicothe, Ohio.  It is a great opportunity to refresh and renew your Emmaus experience.

Gatherings offer powerful praise, worship and the celebration of Holy Communion. Gatherers will hear a “Fourth Day” talk, given by a community member who will share the ways in which the Lord has worked in their lives since their own Emmaus Walk. Important announcements about upcoming walks and opportunities for service will be made followed by a potluck dinner and fellowship.

GSVE Gatherings are “open” and everyone is welcome to attend, whether they’ve been to an Emmaus weekend or not! It is a great way to introduce friends and family members who may be interested in attending a Walk. Be sure to check the calendar to make sure the date hasn't changed.  

Opportunity to Serve!

Each month you have an opportunity to serve at the Gathering.  Please send us an email or use the form below with your serving preferences.

  • Equipment Setup
  • Power Point Operator
  • Offering Servants
  • Communion Servants
  • Worship
  • Special Music
  • 4th Day Speaker
  • Donate Communion Elements

Let us know how you will serve at a gathering