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January Newsletter

Greetings and wishes for a prosperous New Year to all of you.  We are told that He knows the plans He has for us and wishes for us to prosper.  Let it be so!  

The January Gathering of the Community will be held on January17th,at 7:00 PM in the Trinity UMC in Chillicothe, Ohio.  Mrs. Charlotte Spires, our new Community Lay Director, will be officiating.  Bring your praises.  Bring your concerns.  Bring your friends and family.  And, you might want to bring a dish or dessert to share after the meeting.  We will have some fine music.  We will have an interesting of inspiring Fourth Day Speaker. And, we will have a babysitter available.  

The Christmas Gathering was an enormous success.  We enjoyed a Ham dinner with cheesy potato casserole, baked beans and many desserts.  We had an attendance of around 85 members and guests.  

We wish to welcome the new board members.  They are Sylvia Coates, Kourtnie Hildreth, Leslie Kunz, Joshua Ruggles and David Strickland,  At this time, I do not know who has been appointed to which position on the Board.  I'm confidant Charlotte will enlighten us all on that subject.  

We received a quick note from last years CLD, Brian Barber.  "It was a pleasure to have lead you on the trail this past year.  I will now be at the end of the pack sweeping floors and cleaning toilets."  He is referencing that he will be taking over Housekeeping Director for the coming year.  So, if you see Brian approaching you with a strange smile. Think twice before speaking once.  ;-)  

This brings up a topic which is very important to the health of our Community.  Committee members.  The Committee Chairs are selected from the members elected to the Board.  They need committee members to help get their jobs done.  In the past we have thought only of volunteering for the Kitchen and Housekeeping Committees during the walks.  But, there are, I believe, 13 other committees we use to accomplish our work.  When Charlotte lists the committee chairs at the Gathering, think about what you do best, or would like to learn to do and contact the Chair of that Committee.  

We have a NEW WEB PAGE!  Brother Jonathan King has resurrected the web site.  GSVE.org.  Now, don't go jumping right to it tonight.  It is up. But, I understand it still needs a little tweaking. It will be current and with a little help from additional committee members, it should stay that way.  

Several of our Community have become active in helping with the Chrysalis Community in Portsmouth.  This is a great mission.  It can be the gateway to Christ for many teens.   They are having a Girls Flight January 19-21 and a Boy's Flight February 16-18.  It would be good for a bunch of us to go down to their candlelight on January 20 and February 17 to show our support.  Also they have Hoots, (Gatherings) on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at Cornerstone UMC in Portsmouth, OH.  Emmaus members are welcome to attend. You can contact them at their website, www.southernohiochrysalis.com .  Please remember to hold this community in your prayers.  (Two of our new board members, David Strickland and Joshua Ruggles are Chrysalis members who have aligned with our community.)  

Remember to pray for your pastors, your church, your Emmaus Community and our country.  



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